Answers to frequently asked questions

How long will it take to receive my shutters?

Orders typically ship within 6 to 8 weeks after receipt of your 50% deposit.  We will update you via email as your order progresses through our production schedule. If you have questions or comments, please ask.

What wood are you using to make the shutters?

We use both Poplar and Basswood for our shutter panels and frames. Both species grow in our Appalachian Forests and are sustainably harvested.  This means that for every tree harvested, at least one tree is planted in its place. It is a little-known fact that in America, we are currently expanding our forests. The Appalachian Manufacturers Association, in coordination with the U. S. Department of Agriculture Forestry Division have determined through ongoing studies that we are replacing trees at approximately the rate of two trees per one used.  Hardwoods trees are a sustainable natural resource and take about 80 to 140 years to reach maturity.

How does color matching work?

We offer a variety of ways to match colors for our customers.  For paint colors, we can work with the Samplize system, from digital sample chips, from any brand of paint color name, or from a physical sample mailed to us. Samplize has created an effective and easy-to-use system for custom paint color matching. They sell inexpensive samples matched to virtually every paint color and brand available on the market, and many retail paint stores offer Samplize samples.

For stained finishes, we can work from photographs, verbal descriptions, physical samples, or your specific brand and color. Due to variations in stain colors between types of wood species, we may submit several options to match your desired finish. Stained samples will be clear coated.

How do I order custom finish samples?

All custom wood finishes will be confirmed by physical samples on actual shutter wood material (our standard hardwood, or your custom specified wood such as cherry, oak, or pine) mailed to you for onsite review and approval. Due to the costs involved in custom color-matching, we provide this service only after a confirmed order is received, but these costs are included in the cost of your shutters and do not incur added costs except in cases when a finish type is changed from the type of finish initially quoted.

I have shutters in my historic home. Can you match them for us?

Yes, we do create custom historic-quality shutters and can match existing shutters.  We custom-mill all of our components in our factory, giving us a great deal of flexibility in creating custom designs.  Furthermore, we use the old-fashioned cabinet maker joinery, mortise and tenon construction, and other traditional methods common in historic woodworking. We can source a great variety of wood species to match your historic shutters. Get started by requesting a quote.

Will these louvers block out light? 

Interior wooden shutters block a great deal more light than translucent shades or blinds, but they are not blackout shades. The intricate wooden construction inherently tends to allow light leaks between the louvers, around the edges, where panels come together or where they hinge. This can be seen as part of their charm. Design effects can be chosen specifically to highlight the geometrical diffusion of light through panel outlines or louvers. In addition, we offer a light-blocking frame for superior room darkening performance. We are the only manufacturer to provide this.

How are hinges and knobs selected?

We offer hinges in five different finishes and include magnetic catches to help secure the shutters into their closed position. See our Hardware page. Knobs are often used on Traditional Shutters (typically small ~3/4″), and we have standard options. However, pulls offer a design opportunity that many customers prefer to select for themselves. You may shop online or in your local specialty hardware shop with our advice and recommendations.

How long has The Traditional Shutter Company been in business?

We launched this company in January 2024 after discovering a shortage of supply for Traditional and Victorian Shutters in the window covering market.  However, the owner Robert Kincaid has been part of the industry since 1977.  From an early career making wood venetian blind components, Kincaid went on to buy one of his customer companies, Woodmart Window Coverings, in the mid-1990s. This company became one of the largest sources of Plantation Shutters and Traditional Shutters in America, wholesaling over 125 shutter panels per day. During this 20-year ownership, Kincaid developed a great deal of experience manufacturing interior wooden shutters, and specifically Traditional Shutters. Although The Traditional Shutter Company is young, our knowledge base is very deep.

What is your warranty?

The Traditional Shutter Company is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and we stand proudly behind our work. We 100% guarantee our work against defects in workmanship or items shipped not as specified. Although we do not warranty damage due to accident or normal wear and tear, please reach out to us and we may be able to help. Paint and stain finishes are warrantied for five years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to operate with a passion to make the best Traditional or Victorian Shutter available in the USA market. We will use only sustainable hardwood materials grown in the Appalachian Forests for our standard shutters. Workmanship will be of first quality and delivery will be prompt from receipt of your deposit. We will educate our customers along the way because informed customers make happy customers.

We aim to earn your valued business.

Our shutters are 100% manufactured in the United States of America.

Get started today!

Let us work with you from start to finish on your project.

Get started today!

Let us work with you from start to finish on your project.